10 habits for effective sleep highly Poor sleep is an extremely serious threat to a persons health.

Make sure to drink eight ounces of water 90 mins before bed and keep a glass of water near your bed in the event you awaken thirsty. Go to the bathroom and empty your bladder before getting back in bed. 6. Keep the area cool: When you fall asleep, your body temperature homeostasis goes down. If the area temperature is too cold or too hot it could cause stress on the operational system and disrupt sleep. The typical range that is most effective is between 65-70 degrees F. 7. Relaxation tea: There are various organic teas in the marketplace that contain herbs like chamomile, passionflower and valerian root that assist relax your body and induce sleepiness naturally.Sohrab P. Shah, Ph.D.D., Janine Senz, B.Sc., Ryan D. Morin, M.Sc., Blaise A. Clarke, M.B., B.Ch., Kimberly C. Wiegand, B.Sc., Gillian Leung, B.Sc., Abdalnasser Zayed, B.Sc., Erika Mehl, B.M.L.Sc., Steve E. Kalloger, B.Sc., Mark Sun, B.Sc., Ryan Giuliany, Erika Yorida, B.M.L.Sc., Steven Jones, Ph.D., Richard Varhol, M.Sc., Kenneth D. Swenerton, M.D., Dianne Miller, M.D., Philip B. Clement, M.D., Colleen Crane, B.Tech., Jason Madore, M.Sc., Diane Provencher, M.D., Peter Leung, Ph.D., Anna DeFazio, Ph.D., Jaswinder Khattra, M.Sc., Gulisa Turashvili, M.D., Ph.D., Yongjun Zhao, M.Sc., D.V.M., Thomas Zeng, M.Sc., J.N.