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Plus, we’ll become adding more vegetables and fruit to this list as supplies can be found . Why freeze-dried is the No. 1 best preservation methodFreeze-dried fruits and vegetables possess 98 percent of their water removed, leaving a very lightweight, almost ‘crunchy’ pop-corn type of texture. They rehydrate to approximately 4-10 moments their dry weight. Freeze drying makes foods light and easy to store extremely, easy to transport, plus they can be eaten natural like snack foods or reconstituted with drinking water to make use of in soups and other recipes.In three of the earlier trials, infants received a preparation of intravenous immune globulin that was enriched with IgM,21-23 so that it might be argued that our study didn’t exclude a benefit with enriched immune globulin preparations. However, these three trials were small, and two of these weren’t randomized, placebo-controlled, or blinded. Four trials either did not make use of a placebo or were not blinded,21,23-25 and two weren’t randomized,21,26 therefore a key reason for the difference between our findings and the ones of earlier studies is likely to be the weaknesses in the designs of the sooner trials.