3-drug pill shall help combat HIV/AIDS The Food and Medication Administration in the U.

The brand new drug will nevertheless carry a caution that it may cause liver failure, a serious rash and a build-up of acid in the blood. The combination product can’t be sold in the United States because the ingredients are protected by drug makers’ patents; just the individual components are available in america. In 2004, FDA issued a guidance encouraging manufacturers to develop fixed dose mixture and co-packaged products consisting of previously approved antiretroviral treatments for the treatment of HIV illness.Jonathan Fielding, director of the LA County Department of Open public Health. Syphilis scare halts porn sector filming in LA as wellness officials investigate Measure requiring condoms in porn benefits plenty of signatures for November ballot in Los Angeles County Five cases were reported the other day, causing a trade group for the multi-billion dollar industry, The Totally free Speech Coalition , to call for a halt in filming to prevent the spread of disease. ‘It’s not unexpected in the adult film market that people would have transmission of all sexually transmitted illnesses because they’re having unsafe sex, oftentimes with multiple actors,’ stated Dr. Jonathan Fielding, director of the LA County Department of General public Health. Fielding added that the existing number of syphilis cases in the outbreak ‘will grow,’ as the ongoing investigation is normally likely to uncover more situations, as the most recent discoveries were produced through assessment of the sexual companions of the earlier situations found, he said.