3 percent relative reduced risk in mortality for the time since randomization in the study.

‘By initiating Betaferon early in the condition course, we may have the ability to prevent one loss of life for every eight individuals treated as noticed over this trial amount of 21 years. MS is usually a chronic disease that will require life-long treatment, so physicians and their patients want long-term evidence so they can appropriately evaluate the true advantage to risk profile of their medicine.’ ‘The Betaferon 21-Season Long-term Follow-up Study constitutes the longest follow-up research for just about any disease-modifying therapy in MS and is normally part of our ongoing commitment to improving the care of people with this disease,’ said Andreas Fibig, Chairman of the Board of Administration of Bayer Schering Pharma AG.The analysis chair had a duplicate of the database and ready all drafts of the manuscript, and all the authors provided remarks. All the authors made a decision to send the manuscript for publication and assume responsibility for the precision and completeness of the data. The analyses which were performed conform with the analysis protocol, which is available at NEJM.org. The executive steering committee designed and oversaw the conduct of the trial. The trial was monitored by an unbiased data and protection monitoring committee.