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AOptix, Aware to demonstrate combined biometrics system in Biometrics Consortium Conference AOptix Technology, Inc., will end up being demonstrating a prototype dual-factor iris and encounter biometrics program in the AOptix exhibition booth at the forthcoming Biometrics Consortium Meeting and Technology Expo.75 cubic meters, consider the system and open their eyes. ‘Simultaneous face and iris catch represents an important milestone for the biometrics sector.’ AOptix foresees solid demand for mixed biometrics solutions across many applications.’.Only, the remains of 40,000 missing persons are stored in a variety of medical examiners’ offices, she says. If we can extract DNA through a new process, the possibilities could possibly be tremendous and it increases the question of how far back in time we are able to stretch technology. A head in experiential education, the University of New Haven provides its learners with a unique mix of solid liberal arts and real-world, hands-on professional training.