A general internist at Temple University Hospital conducted focus groups on 43 obese patients.

Listings for all patients for overweight and obesity, and then offer intensive counseling of patients who need to lose weight However, figures show rather negative. Is in less than 20 % from primary care visits. Because relatively short, relatively short, Ward says there is not much time the basics the basics and then get into a lecture on weight control. ‘Many times physicians to focus on the disease, without a step further, as a patient could affect the weight of all their chronic conditions. ‘ – Ward adds these doctors who ‘one step further ‘you should be aware of the techniques and concepts of art and actually hinder weight loss. Participants were mostly disliked the word obese and insisted it should be used only in relation to zoo animals.

New research shows published in May of the Journal of General Internal Medicine issue that patients believe their doctors do not do lose weight. Help them lose weight. The patients want their physicians the discussion the discussion and not ignore their weight problems, says lead researcher Stephanie Ward, assistant professor of medicine and public health at the School of Medicine. You also feel doctors have take the knowledge, but not the time to give specific tips on how to lose weight. .DUST LIQUID PROTECTION leader Mark Durkan MP MLA said:’I am very pleased That our Nurse Day 2009. You are an essential component of basic medical care in our congregation, in the health in the health care or understand the more information about the welfare of each individual patient as the nurses who look after them. It takes a special type of person in order to be a registered nurse. Time requires a high degree of dedication, a lot of hard of work and patience and an enormous quantity of compassion, and is is fitting that 12 May we have a chance to to salute them who. Therefore gives me therefore gives me pleasure to to congratulate and thank all the nurses present for their hard work and dedication their patients ‘.

Nurse have always guided the backbone in both that front-line forces and that the National Health Service. Without them, non simple a health services would be its speaking. That our the NHS has as much admired and envied all over the world in no small measure In no small part, due of nurses I am pleased to record my thanks to all our nurse record for job they take, I, of working long hours and during difficult classes. In many ways, each day of the NHS Nurses’ Day and I, and millions of other man have reason to be grateful the the work they did and continue to do so.