Abdominal pain: is it the pancreas?

For patients over the age of 50 years with stomach pain, you need to have a high level of suspicion for the current presence of underlying malignancy, of the pancreas particularly. Any demonstrated abnormality of the pancreas ought to be investigated further and treated as pancreatic cancer tumor until proven otherwise. Any masses should be assessed by specialists in the field for further treatment. Patients with chronic pancreatitis are in risk for pancreatic malignancy and should be adopted up by a gastroenterologist or a pancreatic surgeon. Percutaneous biopsy should not be performed ahead of assessment of resectability due to the chance of the tumour seeding along the needle tract and thereby eliminating any chance of cure.. Abdominal pain: is it the pancreas? Pancreatic diseases are usually understood poorly, frequently misdiagnosed and inadequately treated.Carver Seat of Internal Medicine and Physiology and Biophysics. Welsh is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator. These findings suggest that we have evolved advanced mechanisms to protect ourselves from dangerous environmental stimuli, Ben-Shahar said. Our work also suggests that shedding cilia in the lungs, due to smoking or disease, would create a reduced general capability to detect dangerous inhaled chemicals, increasing the probability of further damaging an harmed lung. .. Actelion Pharmaceuticals announces availability of PAH Mobile Reference Guide Actelion Pharmaceuticals US, Inc. Is announcing the option of the Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Mobile Reference Information, the first multimedia smart phone application that provides details on PAH disease, pathology, diagnosis, and treatment guidelines to healthcare experts.