AHRQs new Spanish-language guidebook on heart medications A free of charge.

Clancy, M.D. ‘All patients must have access to the very best information available to allow them to use their doctor to identify the very best treatment for them.. AHRQ’s new Spanish-language guidebook on heart medications A free of charge, illustrated easy-to-read pamphlet that compares medicines for preventing heart attacks, heart failure or strokes in people who have stable coronary heart disease is one of six new Spanish-vocabulary publications from HHS’ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality that help individuals compare remedies for common illnesses.As the CDC said this boost had not been statistically significant, it’s the first upsurge in the adult cigarette smoking rate since 1994. There is no question that we understand how to reduce tobacco use considerably, as demonstrated by sharp reductions in adult cigarette smoking over the past several decades and a remarkable 45 % decrease in high school smoking since 1997 . Nonetheless it is also clear from the recent stall happening that elected officials at all levels must redouble attempts to implement scientifically tested strategies that prevent children from smoking, help smokers quit and defend everyone from secondhand smoke cigarettes. The task today is to resist complacency and finally fight tobacco make use of with the political will and the resources that match the scope of the problem.