Alma Lasers responds to Lumenis patent claim Alma Lasers Ltd.

‘It really is unfortunate that one competitors resort to litigation to pay for their failings available on the market.’ Previously, Lumenis attempted to enforce two of the same patents it really is right now asserting against Alma in a lawsuit against another business and failed. With respect to those two patents, a federal government district judge denied Lumenis’ Motion for Preliminary Injunction, and questioned the validity of a Lumenis asserted claim in a released opinion. Lumenis settled that case before trial ultimately. Alma Lasers proceeds to stand behind all of its products and their warranties.Both Deepak Chopra and Olivia Newton-John had posted movies accepting their appearances at the ALIVE New York event. The ALIVE website highlighted pictures of superstars like Justin Timberlake, Justin Beiber, Russell Brand and Will Smith. Suddenly, we begun to receive word that the organizers had been short of the funds they had a need to pay the location where the event was to become hosted. A contact surfaced, showing a well planned $70,000 expense for an after party for only 100 people. A great deal of money also appears to have been spent by the non-profit for two months’ lease on a luxury New York apartment for two of the event organizers, Joshua and Anna Scurry.