APP announces $38 million expansion of New York manufacturing facility APP Pharmaceuticals.

APP announces $38 million expansion of New York manufacturing facility APP Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Fresenius Kabi Pharmaceuticals Keeping, Inc., announced today a $38 million expansion of its Grand Island, New York manufacturing facility. APP’s investment includes enlarging the manufacturing site by 13,000 square ft and adding yet another six creation lines for injectable items. Expansion measures are anticipated to last two years, in June 2011 with focus on the site beginning. Currently, 580 people just work at the Grand Island site and APP programs to hire yet another 90 workers within the scope of the site expansion. As a respected provider of injectable pharmaceutical products in North America, APP offers one of the most comprehensive item portfolios found in hospitals, long-term care facilities, alternate care clinics and sites.The %age of teenagers owning alcohol-branded products ranged from 11 % at the eight-month study to 20 % at the 24-month survey. The mostly owned products were clothes and headwear , with the rest of the items a wide selection that included jewelry, key chains, shot glasses, pens and posters. Many of the brands were beer, including 45 % that presented the Budweiser label. Among teenagers who had never drank alcohol, owning alcohol-branded products and susceptibility to drinking were reciprocally related, with each predicting the other during an eight-month period.