At a median follow-up of 4.

At a median follow-up of 4.7 years, 717 primary endpoint events occurred: 828 in the high-dose group vs. 889 in the low-dose group. This means that the higher dose was of 10 % of 10 % reduction in risk compared to the lower dose, mostly due to a 13 % reduction in the risk of heart failure hospitalizations. Of decision making The researchers found no significant difference in all-cause mortality between groups. – Study sponsors are: Merck Inc., manufacturer of losartan. The study of decision-making was carried out by the academic steering committee with any analyzes or driven confirmed by an independent academic statistician.

Co-authors are: James D., Kenneth Dickstein, MD, Helmut Drexler, MD , Michel Komajda, MD, Felipe A. Martinez, MD, Gunter AJ Riegger, MD, Ronald D.; William Malbecq,; Soneil Guptha, and Philip A. Poole-Wilson, MD . The HEAAL research group devoted to the presentation of the memories of Drs Drexler and Poole-Wilson.The new research shows that those precursor protein antibodies not making a very effective job of neutralization of the virus. Moreover, these antibodies actually help the virus of infecting more cell.

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This study, a collaboration between researchers from Imperial College London, UK and Mahidol University to, in Khon Kaen Hospital and in Songkhla Hospital in Thailand were..