Chitra Ravishankar.

For the Pediatric Heart Network Investigators: Assessment of Shunt Types in the Norwood Process of Single-Ventricle Lesions Hypoplastic still left heart syndrome and related anomalies involving a single right ventricle are characterized by hypoplasia of the still left heart and the aorta, with compromised systemic cardiac result . Infants with the syndrome undergo a three-stage reconstruction culminating in the Fontan procedure generally. The first operation is the Norwood procedure, in which the correct ventricle is connected to a reconstructed aorta with the use of the proximal primary pulmonary artery for systemic outflow. Pulmonary blood flow is reestablished by means of a shunt from the pulmonary artery to the systemic circulation.Media outlets offer tip bed linens to consumers and report on the issues that lie ahead. Kaiser Health News: MEDICAL Law Takes Effect: A Consumer's Guide Starting Jan. 1, central provisions of the Affordable Care Act activate, allowing many uninsured People in america to afford health insurance. However the landmark law still faces weighty opposition from Republicans and from a public that continues to be skeptical the law can improve health care coverage while lowering its price. The statutory law has already altered medical care industry and established numerous consumer benefits. It has sweeping ramifications for customers, state officials, health insurance and employers care providers, including hospitals and doctors .