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In response, imaging specialist Professor Juhani Knuuti, spokesman for the European Society of Cardiology and former chairman of the ESC Working Group Nuclear Cardiology and Cardiac CT, emphasizes the following points.

To risks of invasive procedures, these tests should ideally be limited to patients with high probability of disease and necessary procedures.The strength of CT angiography in the previous studies was the very high negative predictive value ie if the test result is negative the significant coronary artery disease is very unlikely. Consequently, ESC imaging experts have recommended CT angiography in the best without coronary heart disease in patients with a low to pre-test probability of disease, moderate :531-56).Of the bill creates a Medicare providers Rating and Reviews organizational to complaints complaints from Medicare beneficiaries about the quality of care they received. This is the a significant deviation from the current legal, Mrs Stein.. Center For Medicare Advocacy commends ‘continued development of by Quality Improvement Act Of 2007’, United States – We are glad that Senate Grassley introduced in and Baucus , S.1947 ‘continued funding to the Quality Improvement Act of 2007,’said Judith rock, Executive Director, Center for Medicare Advocacy.

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