David Prezant of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NY was the lead writer of the study.

For instance, Tibotec’s key AIDS drug Prezista costs over $13,200 per patient each year; BMS’ medication Reyataz costs over $12,900 per patient per year; and, Merck’s Isentress costs over $13,400 per patient per year. 12 months in and year out, rising drug prices have eaten away at ADAP budgets limiting the number of people who can be offered using existing funds. For instance, in California since 2000 AIDS medication spending has increased 257 percent, a lot more than 3 x the rate of customer development over this same period. This sharp increase is because skyrocketing prices for newer AIDS drugs.SOURCE AMICAS, Inc.

Acceleration of cell cycle transition kinetic can make human blood stem cells better For the very first time, the extensive research band of Prof. Claudia Waskow at the Carl Gustav Carus Faculty of Medication at Dresden Complex University is currently describing a fresh mechanism in which the amount of the G1 phase of the cell cycle has a dramatic impact on the fitness of individual blood stem cells. In the scholarly study, the shortened G1 phase led to much improved continuous production of mature blood cells from stem cells over an extended period of period.