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Patient covered to hyperfractionated or accelerated radiation patient be often and its treatments added for a shorter time. The advantage do this is to been called into question, such different given conflicting given conflicting results. Cecilegrosses Le Pechoux and colleagues from Gustave Roussy Institute at Villejuif, France analyzes 10 studies , including two thousand two hundred and seventy-nine patients with non – metastatic lung cancer. They felt that in the eight attempts dealing with non – cell lung cancer, modified fractionation to the radiation therapy improved overall survival over conventional radiotherapy, at an absolute benefit of 3 percent after 5 years at, which means non small cell lung 3 percent of patients life after 5 years into the modified the fractionation groups. The clinical benefit we found was small, but similar to with the utility been found other meta – analyzes on non-small cell lung, told Le Pechoux. – In the recent meta-analysis evaluating be the best way radiation and chemotherapy radiotherapy and chemotherapy for NSCLC, results showed that co chemotherapy and radiotherapy superior to sequentially chemotherapeutic – irradiation and the best results in randomized trials in non-small cell of lung cancer limited disease Go 5-year survival rate of 20-25 percent shown. Therefore, there is need for improvement in both beam or chemotherapy, told Le Pechoux.