Faiez Zannad.

The hazard ratio for the primary outcome in the eplerenone group, as compared with the placebo group, was 0.63 . The result of eplerenone upon this outcome was consistent in an unadjusted evaluation . It was also consistent across all prespecified subgroups with Eplerenone versus Placebo, Relating to Prespecified Subgroups.). Death from any cause or hospitalization for heart failure occurred in 270 patients in the eplerenone group in comparison with 376 patients in the placebo group . A complete of 171 patients in the eplerenone group and 213 patients in the placebo group died .‘By targeting it as a medical disease instead of a moral problem, we’re likely to come up with solutions which have a much longer impact,’ she said. The research included 115 cocaine abusers also dependent on heroin who sought methadone treatment at a New Haven, Conn. Clinic. Methadone treats heroin addiction, not cocaine, nonetheless it requires repeat clinic visits. That made it easier for the experts to utilize and monitor the cocaine abusers, Kosten stated.