Japan Science and Technology.

###. The National Cancer Institute funded the work done at the University of Chicago and the CREST Research Project, Japan Science and Technology, Kyoto funded the effort in Japan Other authors of the paper are Richard D. Brian J. Orelli and Andy J. Minn from Chicago, and Mitsuyoshi Yamazoe and Shunichi Takeda of Kyoto University.

This study will be published online with the beginning their presentation at a meeting of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine together.

When the researchers took normal, healthy cells in culture and disabled the BRCA1 gene, the cells survived, but grew slowly and were able to repair DNA damage normally. Bishop and his employees if increasing the amount of RAD51 in these cells, however, the ability of DNA damage DNA damage is restored and the mutated cells grew faster. – In the future, it will be interesting to determine, high levels of high levels of RAD51 can tumor prognosis predict, said Bishop. It is also possible that tumor cells with high RAD51 especially dependent on this gene for survival and therefore sensitive to drugs that are RAD51 .

The researchers found that a total of 168 patients had confirmed or probable 2009 influenza A infection and became seriously ill during this period, and 24 died within the first 28 days from the onset of the critical disease.Although this early stage in the research may not to lead of trials in humans for a few years, it is give hope to millions of the this defective gene and predisposed to developing this debilitating illnesses.. The early phase drug development are on one gene containing filaggrin, the activities detected by Prof Irwin McLean and colleagues been the last year. Almost half of all child with a severe eczema have a bug in its filaggrin gene, which of the skin of the skin.

The three-year grant Professor Irwin McLean, , Prof Julie Frearson and Prof. Nick playWestwood . Is it funded three new R papers, which are divided among the three units.

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