Melanocortin signaling in the CNS directly regulates circulating cholesterol free.

‘Melanocortin signaling in the CNS directly regulates circulating cholesterol free. ‘Diego Perez – Tilve, Susanna M Hofmann, Joshua Basford, Ruben Nogueiras, Paul T Pfluger, James T Patterson, Erin Grant, Hilary E Wilson – Perez, Norman A Granholm, Myrtha Arnold, James L. Trevaskis, Andrew A Butler, William S Davidson Stephen C. Woods, Stephen C. Benoit, Mark W Sleeman, Richard DiMarchi D, David Y Hui and Matthias H soup? Nature Neuroscience, published online 6 June 2013. DOI: 10.2569. Source: University of Cincinnati.Written by: Catharine Paddock.

– When the researchers tested the effect of removing or blocking MC4R in the central nervous system with chemicals, they found it to higher levels of circulating HDL cholesterol resulted, and suggested that MC4R was the key part of the Remote circuit. – The inhibition of the brain melanocortin system by pharmacological, genetic or endocrine mechanisms increased circulating HDL cholesterol by their uptake by the liver , regardless of food intake or body weight, they wrote, concluding that:..So again, avoid a healthy weight, exercise, eat healthy, attempt a high level alcohol intake, a high salt – containing food such as high – processed foods and so, and these stressful situation, which you can put you in danger. Avoid for developing hypertension.

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