Published in an article in the July 2002 issue of the journal Cancer Cell.

Published in an article in the July 2002 issue of the journal Cancer Cell, reported researchers at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator Philip Leder at Harvard Medical School, that they screened 16,000 small molecules in order for connections that have a beneficial effect would look at developing transgenic mouse cells to overexpress the cancer-causing gene again. The human counterpart newly HER-2 HER-2 , has brought in 20-30 % of human breast cancer in combination, a poor prognosis a poor prognosis for the treatment of breast cancer..

Fantin then tested each of the 16,000 molecules to see how they affected the growth of transgenic and normal mouse cells. These studies showed that F16 selectively inhibited the growth of neu – overexpressing cells, but not the normal cells.

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