The researchers analyzed NDRG4 promoter methylation and expression in human colon cancer cell lines.

The researchers analyzed NDRG4 promoter methylation and expression in human colon cancer cell lines, noncancerous mucosa and colon cancer tissue. Quantitative methylation-specific polymerase chain reaction was used to examine NDRG4 promoter methylation as a biomarker in fecal DNA from 75 patients with colon cancer and 75 control subjects.

Lab G. Are we closer to Molecular population screening for Colorectal Cancer J Natl Cancer Inst 2009, 101?: 902-903. Academic Geriatric Education and Research, Nation Address shortfall of geriatriciansThe American Federation for Aging Research has announced $ 2.5 million in career development awards to 83 advanced fellows and junior faculty at 27 Centers of Excellence in geriatrics and education throughout the country. This effort, John A. John A. Hartford Foundation, has been awarded more than $ 5 million to create the cadre of academic leaders in geriatrics. As our nation ages, we need leaders leaders to current and future generations of medical students about the unique care needs of older patients and the research to develop new to develop new advances in their care.

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