The survey of over 2.

The survey of over 2,000 adults was part of the Government Know Your Limits campaign.New figures out today show that the average wine drinker in England now consumes about 2,000 calories a month just from alcoholic beverages. Over a year, this corresponds to eat almost 184 bags of crisps or 38 roast, said a Department of Health statement on the results.

The most important results of the Know Your Limits survey show that:42 % of women know they did not admit that a glass of white wine the same number of calories as a bag of chips.40 % of men do not realize that a pint of lager as many calories as a sausage roll contains.More than 1 in 3 drinkers , they gave probably were more than usual to eat or do without a healthy diet when they drank about their recommended daily limit.

62 % of drinkers have a less healthy breakfast , if they from the day before from the previous day.The landmark of paper, was first released in Radiation Research, a quantitative method for investigating out of each stem. Jane Finlayson University Health Network: – source for the 50th Birthday, the magazine has (the original paper.

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