Warns a senior doctor in this weeks BMJ.

To start real Battle Over UK Mental Health LawThe British government is descent on the reform of mental health legislation not a victory – to start the real battle, warns a senior doctor in this week’s BMJ.

Ward and her research team have shown that mice that overexpress a protein called Tie-2 in the skin, researchers showedsorder similar to human psoriasis. With this model , they showed that persistent, chronic inflammation limited to the skin can in inflammation in large arteries, such as the aorta lead. This discovery paradigm shift was a connection between the two diseases, but so far we had not in a position to cause demonstrate epidemiological evidence from thousands of patients has been convincing that patients with psoriasis had a much greater chance of developing cardiovascular. Disease and die, says Nicole Ward, senior author of the study, assistant professor of dermatology and neuroscience at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine and researchers with the Murdough Family Center for psoriasis at University Hospitals Case Medical Center.. Continue reading “Warns a senior doctor in this weeks BMJ.”