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It's particularly unfortunate that meth appears to damage that section of the brain, which is still developing in young people and is critical for cognitive ability, says In Kyoon Lyoo, M.D., Ph.D., of Ewha W. University in Seoul, South Korea. Damage to that portion of the brain is particularly problematic because adolescents' capability to control risky behavior is much less mature than that of adults. The findings can help explain the severe behavioral relapses and issues that are normal in adolescent drug addiction. Lyoo is first writer on the study, published Feb. 10, 2015, in Molecular Psychiatry on the web.Doctors almost refer such people for imaging always. But it is a lot less clear how useful such screens are for people who are asymptomatic-the apparent target for a lot of the imaging industry’s advertising, Illes said. Not only may such people be needlessly exposing themselves to even more radiation and payments that can surpass $1,000, but there is also scarce evidence as to whether the images will in actuality improve their likelihood of an extended life. Lles’ team analyzed ads from nine companies that ran from November 2001 to February 2003, as well as brochures obtained from 20 companies.